Boss Rules
Boss 4 at 23:00(DST)/00:00 server time No wait, you may attack immediately. Boss 5 at 23:08(DST)/00:07 server time No wait, you may attack immediately. *DST = Daylight saving time (spring and summer).
Torch Battle
THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Don’t do anything until the attack command is announced! No attacks, no defenses, no exceptions. We use the Vanguard Roll Call chat in the line app to synchronize our attack. Basically, we don’t attack until the last 15 minutes. One of the leaders will announce the page # to attack and give a countdown followed by an “ATTACK” command. You go to that specific page and attack the top most guild. If they’re out of flags go to the very next guild without skipping. If all guilds on the page are out go one page down and start from the top. (so if we’re attacking page 22 and they’re out go to 21, then 20 if you have to) Smurfs are required to participate. Participation is calculated over a month long period. Minimum participation requirement is 25% (i.e. Once every 2 weeks). This may change if overall participation is deemed too low. Torch Battles Violations 1) We check participation randomly. If your’s is low we will announce a probational period to bring your participation up, or you’ll be booted. 2) If you’re consistently not meeting the 25% threshold we may boot you immediately without warning.
Guild Wars
ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY OFFENSE: We have expected scores for everyone based on your might. Take a look at our spreadsheet to get an idea of what is expected, or just ask. If you’re having trouble with hitting your scores, one of the leaders "Davy" is available to coach you and give you ideas on what to do. He will even show you videos of who to attack and how. Just reach out to him. We expect everyone to do their best. Although we don’t believe in kicking anyone that’s actually trying, we have to see that you are. If you’re off from your expected score by much, we expect you to reach out to Davy. We have a separate chat specifically for GW. In that chat we will scout out bases for you that may be easy to snipe for easy points. DEFENSE: Anyone over 100k might is expected to have a defensive base setup at all times during GW. Reach out to us if you don’t know what to setup. TIPS if you’re new to GW: You may click on a player take a look at the base and exit out w/o penalty. You may attack a player and even lose some heroes as long as you exit out before you get 50% you will NOT lose a try and your heroes/troops will be available to use again. So go in against the highest might guys and give it a shot, if it’s not working out exit before you hit 50%. If it seems impossible move on to the next highest might. But absolutely stay on that first page! (one exception to this rule is if all your heroes and troops die before you hit 50% you will lose that try, so be sure to leave a helicopter or something in reserve and not deployed to prevent this from happening) WE EXPECT EVERYONE TO DO THEIR BEST. Be careful and attack smart. And do it now!!! **It is very important that you understand these rules, if you have any questions reach out to one of the leaders**
Fortress Fued
We almost always run FF at 20:00 ST We split up into two groups: 1. Is the active group that can actually monitor line for instructions during the event. So more for people that have multiple devices that can actually keep line open alongside CC. This group will receive instructions during the event on where to move their teams. 2. For everyone else that can’t. This group has a set course with no changing instructions We maintain a separate chat for each group. In it you’ll find detailed instructions on our strategy and what role you should play. The day of the event we’ll take roll call and adjust the groups if needed. We do our best to maintain everyone in their normal role so it’s simple. Be sure to tell me what group fits you best